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1. Who do I contact about my child joining MSC? 

Contact Director of Coaching: Peter Petrov -

2. Can I register my child before contacting Peter?

NO. Please contact Director of Coaching, Peter Petrov at He will direct your next step.

3. Who do I contact about general MSC information?

Shah Quaiyoom. Please contact him through his email under the contact tab on the main page.

4. Where can I find information about MSC fees?

Information about MSC fees can be found under the registration tab.  Please click on the MSC fees subcategory

5. Who do I contact about making payments or payment  issues?

Steve Boshold. Please contact him through his email under the contact tab on the main page.

6. Who do I contact about registration form issues?

Steve: Please contact him through his email under the contact tab on the main page.

7. Where can I find information about volunteering for MSC?

Information about volunteering can be found under the volunteering tab. Please feel free to register and select your preferred task.



1. Do I need to register my player ahead of time or can they just show up for the tryouts? 

Yes, all players must register ahead of time tryout. Walk up registrations will be accepted but must be accompanied by a parent to complete and sign a registration/waiver form. 

2. Is there a cost associated with attending a tryout?

There is no fee to tryout. We openly encourage players to attend tryouts.  

3. My child is currently on a Mundelein team, should they still try out?

Yes, all players have to tryout each year.      

4. My child is currently playing for a Mundelein Team; can they try out for the academy team?

Yes, all players are welcome to try out for the academy team

5.  Is my child guaranteed a position on the same team next year or Academy team?

No. Players must participate in the tryout process each year. Selection to a team is based on, not only the actual tryout process itself, but also the performance, attitude and commitment of the players during the soccer seasons. 

6. How many teams do you have at each age group?

Our goal is to extend the positive experience gained from playing soccer to as many participants as possible. The decision on how the number of teams per age group will be largely based on the number of participants at tryouts, skill level of players and the number of acceptances.

7. My child is currently playing for another club. Can he/she tryout for MSC?

Yes, players from all communities are welcome. We currently have many players who previously played for other clubs and are prospering from the training and level of competitiveness they are receiving at Mundelein Soccer Club.

8. Is my child required to attend both tryout dates?

We recommend that players attend both tryout dates. This will assist the coaches in the evaluation and placement process. 

9. What if a player is injured and cannot tryout?

If the player is a returning member of MSC, a decision will be made based on their past performances and evaluations. If the player is not with MSC, we will determine if a supplemental tryout can be arranged at a later date.

10. Can parents attend and watch the tryouts?

Yes, parents are welcomed to observe from a distance – (outside the playing and evaluation area).

11. When do we find out when our child is initially placed on a team?

Players will be notified by e-mail within one week of tryouts. Acceptance by the player/parent will be required within 24 hours. As players accept and decline a spots on teams, the rosters will change and additional offers will be made. It is imperative that you accept or decline the offer within 24 hours to secure your spot and to keep changes to the initial rosters to a minimum. 

12. What if my child plays another sport during either the fall, winter or spring season?

Participation in multiple sports can be good for younger players for many reasons, balance, motor-skill development, and cross training are just a few to name. However for the competitive players the emphasis must be on soccer. Practice and game absenteeism are discouraged.  We do offer an open practice policy during the fall, winter and spring. We ask parents to carefully consider the commitment and obligation for the team their child is placed on.

13. Can we opt out mid-season; can we get the fees back or a proportion of it back?

No. The commitment is for the full program. Team budgets are based on a specific number of players and as spots are offered and teams set on those numbers at acceptance, there is no option for any refund.

14. Is my child guaranteed playing time?

MSC does not have a guaranteed playing time policy. Our coaches do make sure that players get some playing time, but it is not guaranteed or equal.

15. What is the pre-academy team?

The Pre Academy Program is designed to prepare our athletes for the demands of higher-level competition and increase their exposure to more advanced technical development. The program focuses on transitioning players towards an increased commitment to developing their soccer skills. A deeper emphasis on technique and tactical awareness is taught to our academy players as we encourage decision-making abilities on both sides of the ball. Players are placed on teams through the tryout process.

16. What is the Academy team for U13-U15 (Non-High School) players?

MSC Academy Program is for the soccer player who’s looking to play at the highest levels. MSC Academy Players at the U13 – U15 (Non-High School) age group will practice between 2 to 4 times per week depending on the season. The season is 36 weeks in length covering three seasons (Fall, Winter & Spring). The goal of the Program is to prepare our athletes for the demands of higher-level competition and increase their exposure to more advanced techniques and tactics. 

17. What is the Academy Team for High School?

The High School Academy Program prepares athletes for the demands of higher-level competition and increases their exposure to more advanced techniques and tactics.