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Scrips Program

Shop with Scripts

To All Mundelein Soccer Club Families:

Shop with Scrip is a fund raising program where all the rebates earned go to YOU! These can be used for league fees, extra tourney fees, extra training fees, club merchandise reimbursement. These rebates are banked by the club and you can ask for them to be used towards the above expenses.

How can you go wrong? You order gift cards for places you are going to spend money at anyway, get the card (in the amount you paid for), and earn money. Have your friends and family order from you too!!

To register: Goto and use MSC code: 7B54L87232L79

MSC does not do presto pay so you will need to print your order, write a check to Mundelein Soccer Club for the amount of your gift card order, give the order to your team coordinator/parent one day prior to due date or get to me prior to 8pm on the due date. I will then process the orders that evening. Cards generally take a week to get here. HOWEVER, you can refill certain cards that you purchase thru the scrip program, and some "gift cards" can be printed immediately after the order is released.

Scrip card order dates will be listed on the main page of the scrip site after you register for the scrip program online. The nice thing is, if you need a card "refilled" or a printable card, these can be done outside order dates. Just put your order in, and when you get payment to me, I will release immediately. The order dates are mainly for the "plastic" cards that need to be shipped.
It may sound confusing but read the family user guide on the scrip site and that should answer most of your questions. Also, things will get less confusing each time you order!

A few times a year, Scrip has special rebate days. One is coming up on May 9th.  Please check the Shop with Scrip website and get a login so you can take advantage of these amazing rebates.

This is truly an amazing fundraising program that the league supports!!!

Tammy Their
MSC Scrip Coordinator
815-931-5230 (cannot receive texts due to cracked screen 5/4/16)

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