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MSC Player Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct


It is a privilege to play on a competitive soccer team. As a representative of the MSC, in signing this commitment, I will:

  • Play the game for the game’s sake, and not just to please my parents or coach.
  • Be modest and generous when I win and gracious when I lose. Accept defeat with dignity. Good losers earn more respect than bad winners.
  • Respect the game of soccer and its laws, learn these laws, follow them, and play the game fairly.
  • Work for the good of my team and give my best effort at all times.
  • Show respect for the authority of the referee, even though I will sometimes disagree with his/her calls.
  • Show good sportsmanship before, during, and after games, conduct myself with honor and dignity and treat other players, as I would like to be treated. I understand that soccer is a game, and that the players on the other team are my opponents, not my enemies.
  • Help my parents and fans understand the laws of the game so they can watch and enjoy the game better.
  • Never address remarks at opposing coaches, players, referees and spectators (except for genuine friendship, respect or in response to a question by a referee)
  • Control my temper and not retaliate, even if I disagree with a decision; Displays of temper will not be tolerated on the field or in playing area.
  • Convey a consistently positive attitude toward my teammates or coaches. My true strength of character will be displayed on the field.
  • Practice on my own, come prepared to learn, and give my coaches and trainers my complete attention. Their only purpose is to make me a better player and my team better.
  • Never use or possess tobacco, alcohol, or illegal / performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Play the game I love—Love the game I play!
  • Repeated demonstrations of behavior that are in direct violation of the MSC code of conduct will be dealt with by a referral to the MSC disciplinary committee. Violence or conduct in violation of the rules of the game including the combination of caution offenses by individual league rules that causes a player to sit out a game will be handled by MSC officials in conjunction with the disciplinary standards set forth by the league and the Illinois Youth Soccer Association.