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This page will serve as your reference for all Safety First procedures and requirements. All of the below is based on State and CDC guidelines. We will update this page with new information and procedures as we get them.

Details about on-field safety modifications and parent, player, and coach responsibilities can be found below. 



Illinois Youth Soccer COVID Update (APRIL 14, 2021) | Illinois Youth Soccer Association (

Click here for the State of IL Youth Sports & Safety guidelines.



Per the current Illinois All Sports Policy “All participants must wear a face covering that fully covers their nose and mouth and fits snugly against the sides of the face with no gaps, whether indoors or outdoors”

Face coverings are always required for players, coaches, referees and spectators.   Those that fail to do so will be removed from play.

Players should have multiple masks with them to change masks throughout the game should they become sweat soaked.

Following a meeting with IDPH - IYSA has been notified that if soccer shows a trend of non-compliance with proper mask wearing while play, it could jeopardize the allowability to run a complete Spring season or add additional requirements including testing for athletes.



When located in a region not facing specific mitigation efforts outlined in the Restore Illinois guidelines, organizations that decide to allow spectators must abide by all requirements in the All Sports Policy Staffing and Attendance

 At this time, to ensure that players get the most opportunity to participate IYSA recommends no spectators at this time.  Should your organization decide to allow spectators in addition to requiring face coverings the following guidelines must be in place.

  •  For IYSA Sanctioned Tournaments: Tournaments that allow spectators must abide by all requirements listed in the All Sports Policy Staffing and Attendance in addition to any local guidelines in place.
  • For Recreational League Play: Recreational leagues that allow spectators must abide by all requirements listed in the All Sports Policy Staffing and Attendance in addition to any local guidelines in place.
  • For Competitive League Play: Teams should contact their local competitive league about their spectator requirements.
  • For Illinois Youth Soccer Tournaments (State Cup, Presidents Cup, etc.: Illinois Youth Soccer will directly communicate with participants the spectator policy for these events.




  • Teams should have 6 feet of space between players on the sidelines. When possible players should bring their own chairs to sit in while not playing or sit on the grass instead of using benches.  If benches are used, multiple benches should be placed to allow for 6-feet of space or greater between players.
  • During player check-in 6 feet of distance should be kept at all time between players, coaches and referees
  • The Pre-game meeting and coin toss must be limited to one (1) captain per team or one (1) coach per team.  Each team representative shall stand on each side of the mid field line with a distance of 6 feet or greater maintained at all time.
  • No Pre-Game handshakes
  • Any ball to be used during gameplay should be sanitized prior to the match and not used for any warm-ups

 During Game

  • Players not playing should be sat at least 6-feet apart from one another and must properly wear a mask
  • Each player should have their own designated area for them to sit when they come off the field
  • No sharing of water bottles, pinnies or other equipment.
  • Group goal celebration including hugs, high fives, etc. should be suspended at this time


  • Post game handshakes are suspended.  Teams can show good sportsmanship by sharing a round of applause at the conclusion of the match.
  • Team should promptly leave the field following the conclusion of the match. NO post game team meetings.